Matt Bone’s Natty Wines of The Moment And Why You Should Try Them


Il Brioso

At Nolita Hall, the new cocktail driven bar in Little Italy, they really care about wine. From Vini Constabile della Staffa in Umbria comes a fantastic Petillant Naturel Sangiovese called Il Brioso, or translated “The Lively”. The wine’s bright, crisp acidity, and loads of effervescence, while maintaining the fruit and tannic structure of a traditional Sangiovese, make this the perfect accompaniment to Nolita’s pepperoni pizza.

  • Available at:  Nolita Hall, Little Italy.
  • Price:  $36

Il Brioso is biodynamically farmed bottled without fining, filtration or any additives.

Pot d’Anne 

Anne Paillet is making one of my favorite chilled, light red wines. Domaine Autour de L’Anne’s Pot d’Anne is 100% Cinsault from the Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France. The wine is the perfect blend of chuggable and serious, becoming a great accompaniment to a weekend barbecue or to drink without food with a few friends.

  • Available at:  Vino Carta, Little Italy.
  • Price:  $24

Pot d’Anne is organically farmed, and bottled without fining, filtration or any additives.

Le Pirouettes Brutal! 

Le Pirouettes Brutal! is an experimental wine from winemaker Christian Binner a name synonymous with natural winemaking in Alsace, in northeast France. The wine is a blend of Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer, and Riesling that is macerated for 18 days with the skins, in the style of red wine production. The end product is golden in hue, and smells of over ripe grapefruits, and long nights at the end of summer. The wine is fleeting, like summer, in that there was only one barrel produced, and very few cases in California at all, but if you can get your hands on it, do, because it just may remind you why you fell in love with wine in the first place.

  • Available at:  Dija Mara, Oceanside
  • Price:  $52

Le Pirouettes Brutal! is biodynamically farmed and bottled without fining, filtration or any additives.