Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later


Discover Escondido!

Escondido in Spanish means “hidden”, which, at this time, is appropriate because the city’s best days as a wine destination are ahead of us. Incorporated in 1888, it is one of San Diego County’s oldest cities, and one of the most conservative in the country according to a study by The Bay Area Center for Voting Research. Records of grape cultivation began in the late 1700s with the Spanish settlers. Grape growing has been intermittent, with the last 20 years bringing the most consistent development and commitment to grape growing and winemaking.

Today in 2019, there are over 20 wineries offering a diverse range of settings and styles. Nearly all of them are family-owned and operated, so the odds are pretty good that the owner and/or winemaker will be the one pouring for you in the tasting room.

We chose to include Escondido on the CampestreMAG map early on because it is the center of the North County Wine Country. When we think of wine country, certainly there would be a wealth of dining options and places to enjoy wine after the wineries close for the day. This was not the discovery here. However, when considering the number of wineries in the area and the proximity to San Diego, Temecula and LA, we think Escondido has great potential as a wine lover’s destination.